Stocks & Strauss
is an investment holding company
with a focus to invest in profitable, high growth companies.

Our ideal investment
has at least 3 of these attributes:

Profitable in the 2 most recent financial years

No more than two current shareholders

Strong entrepreneur and management team with an insatiable desire for GROWTH

Recurring revenue with defensible barriers to entry

Scalable with very short or no Working Capital Cycle

Please do not apply for funding if your company has not been profitable in the previous financial year.

Stocks & Strauss is a provider of expansion capital, not replacement capital.

We define expansion capital as a type of private equity or venture capital investment, usually a minority investment, in a profitable company that is looking for capital to expand or restructure operations, enter new markets or finance a significant acquisition without a change of control of the business.

Stocks & Strauss is not a provider of debt financing.

Our Investment
Sweet Spot

Stocks & Strauss was founded in 2013 by Wayne Stocks and Daniel Strauss

Wayne is a registered Chartered Accountant and currently serves as a Director at Smile Identity. Smile Identity solves user identification across Android, for companies scaling high volume or high value transactions in low trust environments.

Wayne has previously held various senior and executive finance and commercial positions in South Africa, USA, Dubai and the United Kingdom. This included various positions with BHP Billiton in London and Houston, and as the financial director for one of the Middle East Master Developers, based in Dubai, managing a property development portfolio of circa $5 Billion. He also worked independently with Sun International on prospective developments and has served as an independent non-executive director of a JSE listed property fund.

Daniel is a Private Equity and Venture Capital entrepreneur and holds a B.Eng. (Industrial Engineering) and MBA from the University of Stellenbosch.

Through constant interaction with various businesses as a shareholder and director, Daniel was able to gain insights into the various methods and mindsets employed by entrepreneurs, investors and consultants to ensure maximum growth to all stakeholders involved.

We realise that capital in itself is not sufficient to grow a business, we therefore add value by getting involved in many of our portfolio companies to prepare them for exponential growth through Strategy formulation, Operational guidance, Financial Planning and forecasts, Restructuring, Access to international networks, Mentorship and guidance for further growth through consecutive rounds of debt or equity funding.

Our Portfolio

We are invested in various early and later stage companies in the following industries:


Digital Design

Digital Research & Development

Software as a Service


Financial Services



Live Shows



If you want to know more about our portfolio, please feel free to contact us
[email protected]